“ An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. ”
—Edwin Land

What Quby can do for you

Our smart thermostat helps you to evolve your business

The future of energy is not in supply, but in service. With innovative hardware, user-friendly software and expert advice, Quby provides a platform for you to be the kind of service provider that customers love.

Is your business future-proof?

The smartest way in to the smart home market

Combine a smart thermostat with an energy display and what do you get? A foothold into the smart home market! Consumers love the Quby Smart Thermostat (they use it daily), it adds to their in-house comfort and helps save energy, and the possibilities for additional services and connectivity are numerous and ongoing. It’s the platform you’ve been waiting for.

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This is how we do it

A model to do better business

Our model is based on a strategic and regional exclusive cooperation with energy retailers. To date, this model has generated over hundreds of thousands sales. 
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We are Quby

The Q stands for Quality

Our products are great. Our service and support are without equal. The common factor? Our stellar team!

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The three principles behind Quby’s cloud strategy

When I joined Quby three years ago, we were serving 25.000 connected devices from a couple of servers in two 19" racks in a hosted data center. Soon after that, the amount had grown to 200.000 and we slowly started to experience difficulties with our IT landscape.

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