“ The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine ”
—Nikola Tesla

"Quby is powering change."

Ivo de la Rive Box (Quby CEO)


What Quby can do for you

Our smart thermostat helps you to evolve your business

The future of energy is not in supply, but in service. With innovative hardware, user-friendly software and expert advice, Quby provides a platform for you to be the kind of service provider that customers love.

Is your business future-proof?

The smartest way in to the smart home market

Combine a smart thermostat with an energy display and what do you get? A foothold into the smart home market! Consumers love the Quby Smart Thermostat (they use it daily), it adds to their in-house comfort and helps save energy, and the possibilities for additional services and connectivity are numerous and ongoing. It’s the platform you’ve been waiting for.

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This is how we do it

A model to do better business

We’ve adopted a “white label” model based on a strategic and regional exclusive cooperation with energy retailers. To date, this model has surpassed all traditional thermostat distribution models and generated 150,000 sales in 2 years.

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We are Quby

The Q stands for Quality

Our products are great. Our service and support are without equal. The common factor? Our stellar team!

Meet our team



A day in the life of a developer

Darcy is an R&D engineer at Quby. She holds a M.Sc. in sustainable process and energy technology from Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. At Quby, she is working on developing and testing temperature algorithms for new smart thermostat features in our R&D department.

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Welcome to Quby.com and the future of smart homes

Welcome to the new and improved website of Quby! This fresh redesign has been a long time coming, and along with this, quite a few changes here at Quby we want to inform you about. Ever since 2004 Quby has been redefining smart home technology. In 2012, when Eneco started to sell our smart thermostat under the brand name Toon, we got a big break through and quickly reached commercial succes. This resulted in a steady and increasing growth, and I’m proud to say that is has lead to 175,000 smart thermostats that are now installed in people’s homes.

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Eneco fuels acceleration of Quby

To enable fast growth and attract necessary capital, Quby’s founders and Eneco have decided to change its shareholder structure. Today, Eneco has announced that it has purchased all shares of the founders of Quby and will remain as such the sole shareholder.

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