“ An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. ”
—Edwin Land


From discard to discovery

Innovation is built right into Quby’s DNA. Joris, one of Quby’s co-founders, used to drive his bike through the streets of Bergen near the shores of the North Sea, salvaging discarded household appliances for wires and power units. Much to the frustration of his parents, he would then take this material and use them to build a control panel for all electrical devices in his parents’ home. He was 10 years old. True story.

Thankfully (and much to his parents’ relief) Joris turned his tinkering into a profitable business venture. Partnering with Arjen Noorbergen, in 2004 Arjen and Joris started ‘Home Automation Europe’ (now ‘Quby’) in the heart of Amsterdam. Today, they no longer puzzle away on their own, but have been joined by a stellar international team – every one of them skilled, passionate and extremely curious. Together, they are responsible for smartening hundreds of thousands homes in the Netherlands. With the most innovative products on the market and offering exceptional support, Quby is in the top 3 of smart thermostat providers in Europe!


Joris with his soldering iron in 1982