“ To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk ”
—Thomas Edison


The Q stands for Quality 

Since 2004 we’ve been developing hardware and software solutions that offer you functionality and customisation that no one else does. But what really sets us apart is our team of people. We’ve assembled a great team of smart, diligent and professional experts. And we’re growing. So that we can help you grow and evolve. Because what we do is not about us. It’s about you.

"Our products are great. Our service and support are without equal. The common factor? Our stellar team." 

How to describe our team?

  • Diverse and international
    More than 26 nationalities and counting.
  • Can-do mentality
    Experience has shown us that continuous action and small experiments can lead to big results and innovation.
  • Passionate experts
    This is not just a day job!
  • We value sustainability
    In what we do, how we work and who we work with.
  • We care about stuff that matters
    All of us want to have a tangible and positive impact on people’s lives. It is these qualities that ensure our competitive advantage, now and in the long term. While every one of us is a driven individual, every one of us believes in the power of the team, going to great lengths for each other and our clients. This is the mentality that has made us leaders in our field. And it’s the mentality that is going to let us make you leaders in yours.

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