“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”
—Albert Einstein

Vision and mission

The future of energy services

For consumers in the Western world, energy is a low-interest product. Few really understand it and – let’s face it – very few have needed to. It’s readily available and it works. Yet huge changes are taking place within the energy sector. Rising costs, viable alternative sources of energy like solar, distributed and intermittent energy generation, and market liberalization are just some of the developments that will require consumers to be both more aware of – and engaged in – their energy use.

This fundamental shift suggests that the future of energy is not in supply, but in service. Successful energy companies will be the ones who develop a different way of doing business. The ones who engage their consumers with the right information, insight and tools. And the ones who learn how to create a relationship with their customers.



Accelerating the energy transition

We want to accelerate the energy transition and make you a successful leader in this new environment. Quby provides you with a platform to be the kind of service provider that customers love.

Our smart thermostat is not only the ultimate combination of a thermostat and energy display – it’s a two-way communication street. Consumers have an easy-to-use product that provides them with more insight and encourages them to engage more, while you enjoy reduced churn, increased loyalty and the possibility of offering new services via this device.

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"When you want to start a dialogue with customers, you need more than just a gadget. You need to build a relationship, earn trust and offer something of value. We believe that Quby can help you do that. Our smart thermostat is not just a product, it offers a strategy.”   - Ronald Carpentier, Chief Commercial Officer of Quby



Helping you evolve and future-proof your business

As John Galsworthy, a famous British novelist once said, “If you do not think about your future, you cannot have one.” 

Quby not only lets you think about your future like never before, we have the products, services and innovative business model to let you embrace that future now. We provide you with innovative products that consumers like to use.

And while they are managing their energy consumption, increasing their insight and improving their daily comfort, they are interacting with your product and services. This product/service package becomes a platform on which to build a relationship with your customers, even while you learn more about their needs and deliver new services. Our idea of the future is where your consumers are ever-more satisfied, even as you increase revenue.

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