“ To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk ”
—Thomas Edison
  • November 1, 2016

Capgemini presents u2es program at EUW

Toon and Capgemini are partnering up to bring Toon’s technology to the homes of millions of people. Capgemini will feature Toon at their stand at European Utility Week on 15-17 November as part of their u2es program – designed to help utilities transform into smart energy leaders.

Engaging consumers with new services
Toon smart thermostat & energy display offers a new way for energy companies to engage their customers. By connecting the platform to diffferent smart devices, it can even be a stepping stone to new services and business models.

Capgemini u2es program for future smart energy leaders
To tap into the potential of new technologies and increase consumer loyalty, utilities require a new business strategy. Capgemini has designed a program to help energy companies transform, from “u” to “es” – a utility company into an energy services company. 

The Utility of tomorrow will be a new kind of energy company. A producer, gatherer and even an exchanger of information. They might partner up with other utilities, solar providers or want to explore other fields like IoT or Data and Analytics. Together with technology solutions like Toon and Capgemini help you think of products and services that impact the efficiency and commercial value of your business, and ultimately, the lives of consumers.

The u2es transformation program is focused on three key pillars to enable future growth and development: 

  • Improving utility customer satisfaction and building new customer and strategic relationships: applying the latest technologies to enable user friendly services on mobile, web and social media platforms to create a multichannel experience while optimizing cost to serve. 
  • Enabling operational excellence: to help increase profitability and operational efficiency in a market environment where utility companies need to remain competitive, through the use of managed services and business process outsourcing. 
  • Creating new business models and new revenue streams through the use of Capgemini’s Insights & Data global practice and Capgemini Consulting’s knowledge and capabilities, as well as its ability to leverage the Internet of Things and other emerging technologies through Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange.

Speaker program & stand
On Thursday 17 November, two Capgemini speakers will join the EUW hub sessions to talk about the u2es program:

Speaker: Perry Stoneman - Global Head of Sectors & Utilities Global Sector Leader Capgemini

Speaker: Sebastian Asioli Macchi - Manager Energy & Utilities Capgemini Consulting

You can see the full program of Toon speakers here.