“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”
—Albert Einstein
  • July 26, 2016

New CEO to lead Quby forward

Following last year’s acquisition of Quby, Eneco is now uniting the various teams working on Toon and preparing for the next round of growth. The employees of Eneco's Innovation & Ventures department working on smart home initiatives will join forces with the Quby organization. This will enable further expansion in emerging markets for energy monitoring and management around Europe.

Hans Valk will lead the integration, and as such swaps his role of Director Innovation & Ventures at Eneco to become CEO of Quby.

This move reflects the maturity of the company, which was developed to its current level by its founders, as well as the need for a new leadership style. Ivo de la Rive Box has stepped down per 1 July as CEO and will act as Advisor to the management team of Quby. Ivo is confident that the growth strategy will be successful and will be involved in the preparation for the next international growth-wave.

Ivo de la Rive Box: "I am proud that we have been able to create a new product category. The evolution of Toon, our smart thermostat and energy display, enables consumers, utilities and (local) governments to be actively involved in dealing with the challenges of the current energy transition. Quby is now in the fortunate position to be able to leverage its established position in the Benelux and enter the European market. I am glad to hand over the responsibility to an excellent management team and a strong shareholder and am confident that the company will be successful in this new phase.”

Hans Valk: “We are grateful to Ivo for his leadership during the past years and for giving Quby a solid base. We look forward to working together with the different stakeholders of the company - end customers, energy utility partners, developers and (local) governments - to build on the current success by providing smart energy solutions." 

During the past year, Quby has developed into a strong company with team of 150 people from more than 25 countries. It has established a successful partnership with Engie Electrabel in Belgium in addition to its partnership with Eneco in the Netherlands. With pilots running across Europe, the team is dedicated to expand the current user base of 300,000 households.