“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”
—Albert Einstein

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How we Nailed it!

Under the LEAN motto “Nail it, then scale it”, several Qubists organized a one-day event that brought together a team of professionals from different disciplines to work on a challenging target. The organizers decided to implement a time limit because it stimulates focus, creativity and alertness. And so last Friday, on 16 June 2017, ten ambitious and energetic software developers, engineers and architects met at the wonderful geWoonboot and started hacking.

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The three principles behind Quby’s cloud strategy

When I joined Quby three years ago, we were serving 25.000 connected devices from a couple of servers in two 19" racks in a hosted data center. Soon after that, the amount had grown to 200.000 and we slowly started to experience difficulties with our IT landscape.

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Toon API @TNW Hack Battle 17

It was full throttle at the Machinegebouw in Amsterdam this week for the 3rd annual TNW Hack Battle. Toon with its API once again partnered in TNW’s 2017 “Hack Battle of the Sensors”.

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Our CEO Hans is developer for a day

Today is National Boss /Employee Exchange Day! It’s a day where people can trade places with other coworkers for a day. Hans Valk, being an experienced leader in previous consumer and other commercial departments at Eneco, jumped at the opportunity to learn more about what it is like being a developer.

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