“ No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris. ”
—Orville Wright

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Quby featured at sustainable Fabcity with ‘Toon’

A green, self-sustaining city with over 50 pavilions, arises between 1 April until 26 June at the head of Amsterdam’s Java Island. Quby’s smart thermostat, sold by Eneco as ‘Toon’ is featured not in one, but two of these sustainable housing prototypes.

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Successful student hackathon for smarter & safer homes

Early February, a Hackathon was hosted around the theme 'Smarter & Safer Homes with Toon.' ​Students of the Hogeschool Rotterdam from faculties such as Informatics, Computer Science, Media Technology and Big Data were invited to come up with new features for the Toon, the smart thermostat developed by Quby and sold by leading Dutch Energy supplier Eneco.

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A day in the life of a developer

Darcy is an R&D engineer at Quby. She holds a M.Sc. in sustainable process and energy technology from Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. At Quby, she is working on developing and testing temperature algorithms for new smart thermostat features in our R&D department.

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Welcome to Quby.com and the future of smart homes

Welcome to the new and improved website of Quby! This fresh redesign has been a long time coming, and along with this, quite a few changes here at Quby we want to inform you about. Ever since 2004 Quby has been redefining smart home technology. In 2012, when Eneco started to sell our smart thermostat under the brand name Toon, we got a big break through and quickly reached commercial succes. This resulted in a steady and increasing growth, and I’m proud to say that is has lead to 175,000 smart thermostats that are now installed in people’s homes.

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Eneco fuels acceleration of Quby

To enable fast growth and attract necessary capital, Quby’s founders and Eneco have decided to change its shareholder structure. Today, Eneco has announced that it has purchased all shares of the founders of Quby and will remain as such the sole shareholder.

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Quby redesigns user interface

Quby has implemented a complete visual redesign on the user interface of its smart thermostat platform to improve user experience. A migration from an Adobe Flash Lite to a Qt framework allows for a faster, more stable performance. The smartphone and tablet apps have also been transformed to seamlessly integrate with the enhanced platform. The most innovative addition to the smart thermostat is a smoke detection service.

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