“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”
—Albert Einstein

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Quby redesigns user interface

Quby has implemented a complete visual redesign on the user interface of its smart thermostat platform to improve user experience. A migration from an Adobe Flash Lite to a Qt framework allows for a faster, more stable performance. The smartphone and tablet apps have also been transformed to seamlessly integrate with the enhanced platform. The most innovative addition to the smart thermostat is a smoke detection service.

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Eneco launches Toon® Open API

Following the success of the Toon® Open Hackathon earlier in March, Eneco and Quby are pleased to debut their new initiative titled “Toon® Open API” which allows third party developers to create brand new products and services making homes smarter, safer, and more energy efficient as well as more connected, beautiful and even fun!

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Why Elon Musk’s ideas about utilities are spot on

Elon Musk: Engineer, entrepreneur, business tycoon, investor and inventor. From electrical cars to commercial spaceflight: is there anything he can’t do? It probably comes as no surprise that I, and many of my Quby coworkers, look to Elon as a source of inspiration. His views might be controversial, but he has quite a few interesting things to say about the future of energy.

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Heat and the connected home in Utility Week

In the second of a series of connected home insights for Utility Week, Susan Furnell explains how energy services businesses can be much more profitable if they are redesigned for a connected world. She also mentions how Eneco, that partnered with Quby to develop their smart connectivity platform, became an industry success.

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Eneco starts sales of smart thermostat Toon to customers without energy contract

Eneco starts sales of smart thermostat Toon to customers without energy contract Eneco, one of the largest energy suppliers in the Netherlands and a main partner of Quby, has sold Quby’s smart thermostat to over a hundred of thousand customers in the Netherlands under the brand name Toon since 2012. Eneco is now choosing to expand sales to new customers without an Eneco electricity or gas contract.

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The Smart move is to act now

Susan Furnell, freelance consultant and smart home energy expert, is writing a series of articles for UtilityWeek, exploring the connected home and consumer engagement. In her first article, she discusses the business case for suppliers jumping ahead of the smart meter rollout. In this article, she mentions how Eneco has been successful in engaging its customers base with the smart thermostat Toon, which Quby develops.

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Hunting Elephants

Quby, the company that built Eneco’s smart thermostat, is spreading its wings in Western Europe, and also entertaining possibilities in China and America. “It takes years to win a new customer. But when you’re successful, it feels great”, says CEO Joris Jonker.

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Quby first Smart Thermostat to monitor solar production

Quby has added a new and innovative feature to their Smart Thermostat. This feature provides consumers with solar panels insight in their energy production and usage. The Smart Thermostat display shows realtime and historical information of how much the solar panels are producing, in relation to the overall energy consumption. This makes the Quby Smart Thermostat the first integrated solution to monitor solar production.

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‘Who pays Watt’ winner of first Toon Hackathon

Between the 6th and 8th of March, Eneco & Quby organized the Toon Hackathon. Over 60 applicants were given two days to develop new applications for the Toon, the Eneco branded Smart Thermostat that is developed by Quby. Out of 14 different prototypes that were presented to the jury, 4 students won the Hackathon. The winning idea: an app called ‘Wie betaalt Watt’ (Who Pays What) for the Toon Thermostat, that helps roommates in student homes identify who are consuming people most power through connected smart plugs.

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