“ The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine ”
—Nikola Tesla

Our model

Valued tools to engage your customers

In principle, what we do is simple: we provide you with products that enable you to develop a relationship with your customers. Products like our smart thermostat and Joulo. These are smart, easy and value-added tools that open up the possibility of ongoing dialogue with your customers. In fact, in introducing our smart thermostat, Eneco (our partner in the Netherlands) has enjoyed:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • +30 point increase of the NPS score on top of the energy industry average
  • A 60% reduction in customer churn
  • An increase in high margin, long-term contracts (improved loyalty)
  • Additional revenue streams and increased profitability (the smart thermostat acts as a new sales channel)

Smart home / smart energy is a key area of growth and offers you the potential to offer innovative services to customers while building new profitable revenue streams.


A better model to do business

We’ve adopted a model based on a strategic and regional exclusive cooperation with energy retailers. To this date our model has generated more than hundreds of thousands of sales within just 2 years in the Netherlands, surpassing growth rates of any traditional thermostat distribution model. We are a market leader in smart thermostats in Europe; in the Netherlands our product is branded as the “Toon” by Eneco. Our ambition is to sell a million devices in Europe by 2017. What our model offers:

An attractive product sparks consumer interest and its added-value engages consumers and ensures after-sales satisfaction. 

The possibility to build scale fast, for instance by subsidising hardware with long-term subscriptions.

A stable recurring revenue stream and increased profitability.

A future-proof platform that provides a solid, trustworthy base for continuous new functionality, services and associated revenues.


Partnership program

Unlike many of our competitors we deliver our product accompanied with a partnership service program that enables you to get up and running quickly and effectively, and manage your service delivery and customer experience. The program consists of a coherent set of processes and tools that includes customer support, supply chain management, training and interfacing with your core operation. A quick scan reveals what is needed to bring our platform and your operation in line. We will train and support your team along the way, while our support portal provides your personnel with full access to the performance of the devices of your customers from the start.

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