“ One of my primary objects is to form the tools so the tools themselves shall fashion the work and give to every part its just proportion. ”
—Eli Whitney
  • November 10, 2016

Is your company ready for a smart future? Ten ways to tell

Are you prepared to experience Toon's vision of a smart future at European Utility Week Barcelona? Here's 10 ways to know if you are ready for our technology.


  1. Your company is shifting its focus from supply to service
    The future is energy is not in supply, but in service. Every (energy) company seems to know this, but has not necessarily made the steps to start moving towards it. You know how they say the first step is admitting it? If you've done that, you are no longer a 'fossil fool' and ready for the road to smart churn reduction.
  2. Renewables are part of your strategy
    If you have somehow incorporated renewables (selling or building services on them) into your strategy, you have made a big step towards changing your game. Not only to build a more sustainable energy future, but also because you realize consumers will be the ones generating their own energy in the future.
  3. You realize adding IoT to your marketing mix is not a quick fix
    Getting more revenue from your customers is always a priority, but the way to achieve this is not with a short-term solution. Selling gadgets or marketing incentives to your customers might get them interested at first, but their attention will fade quickly if you aren't incorporating smart energy technology in your core-business. Aim for hooked and engaged customers for a longer stretch of time, by thinking up new business models and added value that will ultimately lead to more commitment.
  4. Interest in how to engage your customers is part of your nature
    Everyone wants to build a relationship with their customer, but if this is not built on genuine connection and engagement, your customers see right through it. If you want to make a real impact on people's lives and offer services to help your customers save money and energy or make their lives simpler and smarter, the revenues will follow. This might mean you have to rethink the way you connect to your customers or take the necessary steps to learn more about them and what they want.
  5. Showing bravery
    Paving the way for new business models is not done overnight. You have to be willing to experiment, take some risks, ask your customers for feedback and need to be keen to listen in on what they think about you, and apply new ideas and incorporate them in your continuous delivery to improve. Toon's team helps you to incorporate these processes into rolling out – from a small pilot to commercial launch and beyond.
  6. You want to be different
    IoT this, connected home that. Every where you turn people are working on the latest of smart things. Before you jump on this bandwagon, you understand that if you want to do something with smart energy or smart living, it needs to be something that is tailored to your business and brand. Toon's experienced team with an energy & smart home background will guide you from the pilot phase to commercial launch and helps to fit our technology into your business needs.
  7. You take privacy, security and safety very seriously
    Toon's safety and privacy is at the core of everything we do and believe in. So putting consumers first and taking the utmost precautions of safeguarding it, should be a priority for you too. Think taking steps to maintain this vision, and inviting experts to make sure we are right on top of offering the safest technology out there. It's not always easy, but trust and transparency is the basis for everything we do.
  8. You hire talent that shares this vision
    At Toon, we've built a team that wants to collectively make our vision reality. We're passionate, pro-active and pragmatic. Building a smart energy & smart living future into your company, requires both visionary and capable people to make it happen. But first and foremost: experience on the matter. We expect you to have the same kind of people on board for your roadmap to success.
  9. Working together excites you
    Toon has created an eco-system of energy utilities, partners (like Capgemini who helps consult with a special program: quby.com/Capgemini-u2es), third party companies, helping hackers, developers and a large base of consumers around our platform to build a smarter future. It's hard not to see the benefits of such a strong international brand that people truly believe in.
  10. In it for the long run
    You believe that everything that is done well, requires commitment. So do we, and that's why Toon partners up with energy utilities and partners across the world to bring about our vision of a smarter future where consumers are empowered - and energy companies become smart energy leaders to enable that.

The first step to this commitment is a first date – meet Toon at EUW for an exclusive demo and experience the benefits for yourself: quby.com/EUW