“ No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris. ”
—Orville Wright

Smart thermostat

Smarter energy, smarter home

The Quby smart thermostat is the ultimate combination of a thermostat and a graphic energy display – the best of both worlds! With intelligent technology and beautiful design our smart thermostat helps your customers get insight into their energy consumption (electricity and gas) and allows them to take control:

  • Increasing their living comfort and minimizing energy consumption
  • Reducing their consumption and saving money on their bills
  • Providing learning capabilities and remote management via every major smart phone and tablet

According to recent research, households in The Netherlands that are using the Quby smart thermostat,  are consuming up to 10% less energy than those who don’t have a smart thermostat. 



For the Dutch market, the standard product is equipped with sensors to measure energy consumption for electricity, gas and solar. And with the flexibility and adaptability of the hardware and software, we can always make it work for you, no matter what your customer needs or market demands.

Smart home modules
The Quby smart thermostat has been adapted to work seamlessly with a wide variety of 3rd party hardware and software. Our smart home modules are very popular, such as the Fibaro smart plugs that help customers to switch appliances and measure their energy consumption. Another module enables the control of Philip HUE wireless LED lights through the display and app. Recently, a Fibaro smoke sensor was added to our smart home platform.

Our R&D team is constantly experimenting with new ways to extend the smart thermostat’s functionality and connectivity. Find out more about local adaptibility and our future plans here.


Digital display

With our attractive, easy-to-use interface, the smart thermostat is so much more than just a thermostat. It doubles as an energy display. This combination really opens up opportunities.

  • Engaging consumers in a user-friendly way
  • Offering advanced features like comparative analysis, benchmarking, even solar monitoring
  • Providing actual and historical display (and preventing bill shock)
  • Connectivity to and insight into an ever-increasing range of devices (including 3rd party)

As a utility provider, this highly connected device enables you to have a connection with your customers that was never before possible.


From low-interest to high-interest engagement

Traditionally, families weren’t particularly engaged with energy utilities or even their own energy use. The ‘dumb’ thermostat was a thing on the wall, often painted the same colour so as not to be noticed. The Quby smart thermostat changes all that:

  • Its beautiful, simple interactive display enjoys a permanent and prominent place in the home, encouraging daily use
  • When engaging with the device they are also engaging with you – your logo is featured prominently, and you might also provide additional information/services
  • Your customer’s yearly (and let’s face it, often unpleasant) interaction with you when they receive their bill has now become a branded daily dialogue…One that they enjoy!

A friendly, rich interface invites users to engage daily