“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”
—Albert Einstein

Become a partner

Exclusive commitment

Even though we’re all about the future, in our relationships, we’re quite traditional. We believe strategic partnerships are not created by a contract or the simple delivery of a product. They are built over time, slowly, requiring commitment and investments on both parts. And like any good relationship, when we commit, we commit fully.
That is why Quby partners exclusively with one player per market, advising and growing with you in a long-term partnership.

Deep commitment=high volumes

With a strategic commitment from both partners we can achieve high volumes. This is where the magic happens and true benefits begin to be realised. In fact, this is where transformation can take place. Transformation of your business. Transformation of your relationships with your customers. And, ultimately, transformation of the sector.

Continuous support and innovation
We don’t create your strategy for you and we don’t do your retail marketing and sales. What we do do is provide you with the world’s best Smart Home/Energy solutions, accompanied by continuous product innovation and top-level operational support. We sell our products as a co-branded solution to you – a utility company, and you sell it to your customers. Our glory comes from making you successful and continuing to provide you with strong technical solutions that are easy to use.

Our focus regions (Western Europe)
We’ve already established a partnership in the Netherlands, selling hundreds of thousands products and counting. We're looking for new partners to join us in our journey of international success.
Tell us what your needs are and we'll give you a demo of our products and services.