“ The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine ”
—Nikola Tesla

Eneco case

Our first partnership – with Dutch energy provider Eneco – is a compelling case. A major energy provider in The Netherlands, Eneco has over 2 million customers. The Quby Smart Thermostat is branded as Eneco’s Toon®. Already installed in hundreds of thousands of homes, the Toon is the smart thermostat market leader in Europe.

“Quby isn’t just helping us be more innovative…they are helping us evolve our business….helping us forge real relationships with our customers.”

- Erik van Engelen, Director Eneco Consumers

Facing tough competition and decreasing retail margins, Eneco turned to Quby. With our product and expertise and a deep commitment from Eneco, together we have managed to strengthen Eneco’s relationship with consumers, increase customer loyalty while decreasing the churn rate, and significantly raise the NPS (net promotor score). Highlights from Eneco’s partnership with Quby:

  • Decreased churn by 60%
  • A +30 point increase of the NPS score op top of the energy industry average
  • Went from a typical 6 minute negative customer interaction 1x/year to daily positive interactions (As an added bonus, in 2013, Eneco’s Toon® was awarded the Award for Good Industrial Design).

"Since partnering with Quby, revenue has increased and customer churn has decreased by 60%. What's not to like?"

- Erik van Engelen, Director Eneco Consumers