“ No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris. ”
—Orville Wright


By Quby
We aim to add value through innovative products and services based around energy insight. We help organisations educate their customers about energy consumption and improve comfort in their homes.

Joulo is an advanced USB device that provides users with a thermal analysis of their home. With Joulo, we provide a highly scalable, easy and cost effective way to educate people about their energy consumption. The technology is based on smart algorithms created by top researchers in artificial intelligence from Southampton University. Its brilliance is recognized by winning the 2013 British Gas Innovation Award. The technology was acquired by Quby in early 2015.

The device itself is an inexpensive and customer-friendly product. It looks like a USB stick and can be easily distributed via regular mail. The Joulo connects to the cloud-based smart algorithms and delivers valuable insights regarding domestic energy consumption right to the customer.

The Joulo can be branded with a company logo on the USB device and packaging. The website is highly customizable and provides links to commercial opportunities such as targeted boiler sales, installing insulation and the sale of smart thermostats!

The USB device is equipped with temperature sensors and a logging module which enable it to create an analysis of the tested home. After 7 days of logging, you plug the USB into your computer and upload the data to the Joulo website. The smart algorithms use the collected data and compare the scores with a benchmark of homes similar to the tested house. From these comparisons a report with several key insights is presented.

A key aspect in the report is the quality of the heating system. The algorithms calculate how the home heats up and reaches a certain temperature. Joulo compares these results with outside temperatures and a benchmark of similar homes in the region. From this analysis, Joulo can give an advice to help you be more efficient or provide a link to a boiler upgrade.

Similar to the heating analysis, the algorithms calculate how fast the home cools down after it has been heated. By comparing the results with outside temperatures and the benchmark, Joulo determines the quality of your insulation and can provide a link to an insulation upgrade.

Joulo recognizes inefficient temperature settings and malfunctioning thermostats. The thermostat may not be in the optimal location in the house or it may not control the temperature sufficiently. A modern, smart thermostat can help solve these issues and can be recommended to you through the report.

Request a Joulo
Do you want to to find out about the benefits of Joulo for your organisation? We will hapilly send you a Joulo sample product. Please contact us at partners[at]quby.com for more information.

How it works
Starting the Joulo journey requires no more then three simple steps:

  1. Record: Press the button on the Joulo and place it on top of your thermostat. The Joulo starts logging the temperature for 7 days and signals when it is ready recording.
  2. Connect: Remove the cap and stick the Joulo in the USB slot of your computer and upload your temperature recordings on the Joulo website.
  3. Learn: After uploading you can review your personal advice report online immediately.

Download an example of a Joulo Analysis report here.