“ An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. ”
—Edwin Land

Partner Services

Beyond the gadgets

For most suppliers, once you’ve purchased their product, that’s the end of the relationship. But with Quby, it is merely the beginning. Because our business model is based on long-term partnerships, your success is our success. We want you to evolve a better, more sustainable business.

Great customer service needs to managed like a business
Great customer experience never just happens. It takes careful planning, development and conscious embedding in the corporate culture. Finally, it needs to be managed like any other business service. Through its systematic set of processes and tools, our partnership program guides you in setting up and implementing your service delivery – and ultimately, ensuring a great customer experience.

Our Quby Power Partner Program includes:

  • Implementation support:
    From assessment to project management support  (for example, a “5 person squad team to go live in 4 months”)
  • Custom development
    Hardware, software and system integration
  • Learning and development (Academy) support for diverse roles
    1st line support, installers, marketing, product manager
  • Logistics
  • Service level management and 2nd line support

This partnership program is a deeply cooperative process in which Quby helps you analyse the business case for your region(s), explore market approaches and optimization, and do an analysis and review of what is required for your IT systems. We also offer support in the form of knowledge transfer through workshops, tools, documents and direct support. Finally, we work with you to understand what needs to be adapted, when to come out with new offerings and how to optimize the entire chain management.

If your market conditions allow, with our specialised “5 person squad team”, it is possible to get up and running in as little as 4 months, including a trial phase of 1 month. After an assessment to see what is required, a set of processes, tools and training can get the Quby Smart Thermostat in your customers’ homes – and supported by you – in extremely short order. At the end of the day, the program is about ensuring that you can stay ahead of your competition, be successful long-term, and see both your revenue and customer loyalty increase.
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