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Toon API @TNW Hack Battle 17

  • Juriaan Seveke
  • May 20, 2017

Toon API @TNW Hack Battle 17

It was full throttle at the Machinegebouw in Amsterdam this week for the 3rd annual TNW Hack Battle. Toon with its API once again partnered in TNW’s 2017 “Hack Battle of the Sensors”. The Next Web invited hackers, data scientists, designers and engineers to test drive the Hack-a-Toon Kits by mashing up other partner API’s and deliver viable technical and business solutions. 



36 Hours of smart sensor solutions
Temperatures in the hall rose over 30 degrees according to the real-time sensor meters displayed on the main stage. Teams raced 36 hours to combine as many API’s as they could, increasing their chances of winning the main prize. At the finish line, 18  teams presented clever solutions that explored combinations of messaging services, with Toon, LORA networks and payment systems. 

Introducing Toonbnb
This year we sent our own in-house samurais to participate in the event. The solution we developed was a working prototype entitled ToonBNB. By 2020 there will be 500 million properties listed on AirBNB. If these properties were to save 2% in energy consumption we could literally shut down the Amsterdam Hemweg Centrale for two entire months!

ToonBNB is simple and clever. As a traveler you want to be rewarded by saving energy on the go, while as an AirBNB host you want to encourage less energy consumption from your guests. The ToonBNB uses the MessageBird system to alert guest to turn off lights or limit temperature of heating to keep your AirBNB property safe, secure and more efficient during your stay. When you check out, ToonBNB reimburses the money you saved on energy costs via the Mollie payment system.  https://www.toonbnb.host



Top hack in Pitch Tower TNW
ToonBNB and 9 other fellow teams had the honor of pitching to an international crowd at the TNW Pitch Tower Thursday afternoon. Other great ideas of the Hack Battle included:

Techies are always willing to get their hands on data, so they developed an open / crowd sourced sensor directory to be shared "by the people, for the people”.  For example their platform www.sensors.fun provides the Toon API lines sensor readings, age of data, and API endpoints to copy, share or modify. There was no question why this team won best solution because it captures the spirit of the Toon API as a community driven repository allowing makers and shakers to fully explore our local IoT and smart energy infrastructure.

Your Mom
A fun solution for those who miss their nagging mothers. Thanks to the ToonAPI your mother can still give you all the loving reminders to turn off your lights when away.  Or even turn down your heating remotely to help you save money! By simply sending your mom an sms, she can see how well you are behaving with energy at home and nag you to do the right thing!

A innovative mash up of API’s that make event spaces safer thanks to automation of sensors. Using IBM Watson, The Things Network and Toon API, managers have a better overview of the people in the spaces and the environmental conditions of the space they occupy.  Making the event safer, secure and more comfortable! 



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