“ The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine ”
—Nikola Tesla
  • Ronald Carpentier
  • July 26, 2016

Toon customers rate device with 7.8 score

Ever since the start of the sales of Toon in 2012, Eneco’s focus has been to continuously improve products and services to further expand the reach of the smart energy and smart home platform. A customer satisfaction survey among more than 600 respondents shows that customers are very pleased with the device and give a high satisfaction rate. The second quarterly report in 2016 gives a a score to Toon of 7.8. Here are some of the highlights of the survey:

  • Customers give Toon an NPS score of +10, which is the likeliness people would recommend friends, family or coworkers to buy the product
  • Customers who have had the Toon for 18 months or longer, have an even higher score – an NPS of +18
  • Customers with a smart meter are more likely to recommend Toon to friends and family, than people with an analogue meter. This is likely due to the fact that smart meters give an even more detailed and real-time report of energy usage.
  • 9 out of 10 people think that Toon gives insight into their energy usage. Two out of three customers believe that Toon helps to save money.
  • The main reason to buy Toon is the insight into energy usage it provides. Having a (remotely) controllable thermostat program comes to a very close second reason for customers. They also indicate that another reason to buy the Toon is when it was offered as part of their energy contract.
  • Most of the customers believe that Toon gives them comfort, is user friendly and is an innovative product
  • Half of the customers indicate that Toon increases their awareness about the environment

    The survey results will be used to improve existing features and develop possible new services. Eneco has an active Toon community and forum to monitor or to interact with the customer base on a daily basis to increase customer satisfaction.